Casting Videos of Czech Amateurs

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Seeing amateurs take the first steps into doing porn is always exciting for me. They are making a conscious decision that they will never be able to go back on. Once you have a sex video on the internet, it’s never really going to be able to go away. That could wreck some of their lives, but they are doing it anyway. For some, it will lead to successful porn careers. Others will discover it isn’t for them or they’ll simply fade away. It’s like a fun guessing game for me.

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The scenes begin with the usual casting interviews where you get to know a bit about the model. The dialog is all in Czech, but there are English subtitles. After that portion, it is on to the nudity. A neat feature here is that the models all have 360 degree pictures. They stand fully nude in the middle of a circle and you can spin it to see them from all around. Then it’s time for some hardcore sex!