CFNM Secret Isn’t a Celebrity Niche

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Former Disney child star, Bella Thorne, made headlines earlier this year for releasing her own nude pics to thwart a hacker’s hold over her. It was her way of taking the power away from him and giving it back to herself. It was a smart move and after the initial controversy, everything seemed to blow over.

She is back in the news now for releasing porn. This time Bella Thorne has directed a porn movie and is proudly promoting it. Instead of sharing nudes of herself, she has filmed pornstar, Abella Danger, in the lead female role.

Originally, Bella was looking into making a horror movie with a Christmas theme. How that turned into a dominance and submission porn film instead, is anybody’s guess. The trailer for “Her and Him” looks bizarre with knife wielding and rough handling that she will likely claim is passion.

Bella Thorne has also been a voice in the #metoo movement, so her choice to film what looks like agressiveporn is a confusing one. Femdom or CFNM would have been a niche that would have made more sense.

CFNM Secret is a site where the women keep their clothes on and maintain control. She could have even had a group of clothed bad ass beauties hunting down a hacker and humiliating him. Instead, it looks like she chose to go with more mainstream sex. It doesn’t feel that original.

Either way, it is good to see a child star grow up and embrace sexuality while maintaining their control over it, and refusing to be bullied.

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