These Shows Will Make Anyone Cum

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I’ve watched so many sitcoms growing up. Honestly, there were plenty of complete hotties as characters on those shows and I couldn’t help but have crushes on them. And if I’m being really honest then I’ll admit I even jerked off to a few of them (especially Donna from That 70s Show). Can you blame me?

Lately, I discovered there’s a porn site called That Sitcom Show. It’s all about porn parody, so they model porn scenes off of classicly recognizable TV shows and the results are spectacular. You’ll love Cumming With The Connors, Married With Issues, Leave It To Mom’s Beaver, That 70s Ho, and so many more. They are still quality hardcore porn videos but with that bit of nostalgia you didn’t even know you needed from your online smut. Trust me, it makes it 200% better.

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